Dr. Baron provides services to law enforcement and public safety agencies, attorneys, and other organizations. She does not provide services to the general public at this time.

Public Safety/Law Enforcement Psychology.

Dr. Baron conducts Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluations (PPE) once candidates are in the conditional offer phase of employment. If a mental health issue is suspected in a current employee, a Fitness-for-Duty Evaluation (FFDE) may be appropriate. Dr. Baron also provides individual and group Post-Critical Incident Debriefings for employees who have been involved in critical incidents. Dr. Baron also provides Educational Opportunities on a variety of topics related to psychology and law enforcement (e.g., suicide prevention, PTSD). Dr. Baron is happy to assist agencies in identifying what services would be most appropriate for their needs.

Forensic and Clinical Services.

Dr. Baron conducts violence/sexual risk assessments, general diagnostic psychological evaluations, as well as supportive counseling for those who may be involved in the criminal justice system. Please note that she cannot provide forensic and clinical services to the same client.

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